Resources for MTM Leaders


If you have arrived here, we trust you are a Team Leader for a Mom to Mom program with your own copy of the Mom to Mom Administrative Guide in hand.  If you need to order a copy, please visit the Mom to Mom Store for information on how to do that.

Displayed below are a number of resources we have prepared for you to assist in the running of your Mom to Mom group.  Each of these resource pages are password protected, but we will happily send you the passwords when you register your group with us. There is no charge to register; we simply want to encourage you to allow us to list your group on our “Find a Group” page. And, we’d like to add you to our own contact list — all for the furtherance of your Mom to Mom program.

Mom to Mom Graphics

This page offers you downloadable logos and images for each of the curriculums we offer. You can use these to create your own webpages, handouts, advertisement flyers, and more. We’ve even had groups use them to add to mugs or pens or other items as gifts for their moms.


Administrative Helps

On this page we offer many downloadable documents to assist in the running of your Mom to Mom group.  Some are available as PDF documents either to be used as is or to serve as examples.  Others are available in a format we trust you can open and edit with whatever word processor you use. For example, we include a sample registration form, evaluation form, newsletter, childcare guidelines, and much more.


Administrative Helps (text version)

This page offers the same downloadable documents as the page above, but they are listed by name rather than by image, in case you know just what you want and don’t want to wait for the images to load.