Growing Together: Growing a Child = Growing a Mom is a curriculum designed to equip, encourage, and energize moms in the most important job in all the world—raising children.  This biblically-based material grows out of the promise that as we "grow" our children, God is growing us.


Curriculum Resources Available

Growing Together DVD Series
Four DVDs that offer an introduction to Mom to Mom and 16 sessions of Linda Anderson teaching the curriculum series Growing Together: Growing a Child = Growing a Mom.


Growing Together Member Book
Provides listening outlines for each of the 16 sessions, discussion questions for small-group interaction, and weekly Reflections pages that contain key points and memorable quotes to post as a daily reminder of the week's lesson. The Reflections pages also offer an optional reading assignment from Scripture and a practical assignment for each week. Also included is an enhanced CD with devotionals that reinforce the content of each session.


Growing Together Leader Pack
Includes the Growing Together DVD Series, one Growing Together Member Book, one Mom to Mom Administrative Guide, and one Mom to Mom Titus 2 Leader Guide.


Growing Together Audio Recordings
The recordings contain the audio portion of Linda Anderson's teaching. These are useful for catch-up sessions, visually impaired participants, or for the personal review of leaders or participants in Mom to Mom.


From the author:


Parenting is a tall task indeed. Despite my many years of caring for other people’s children, my career as an educator, and my deep desire to have children, I was quite unprepared for the physical, emotional, and even intellectual demands of this 24/7 “mom job.”

I soon discovered there’s good news and bad news here. First, the bad news: No, I wasn’t going to be a perfect mother, and I had a great deal to learn if I wanted to become a good mother. But here’s the good news: As I raised my children, God was going to grow me along with them! We would be growing together. You now see where the title of this Mom to Mom curriculum came from: I learned that growing a child is really growing a mom.

I also learned that growing together extended beyond the walls of our home, beyond the boundaries of our family. I needed to be with other moms to grow—peers who were experiencing the same things I was—as well as more experienced moms who could encourage me and cheer me on.

This study grew out of my own experiences growing as a mom and our experiences at Mom to Mom growing together. In it we explore Personal Growth, Partnering Growth, and Parenting Growth. It is my prayer that the moms in your group will feel themselves growing. Above all, I pray that their sense of parenting power will increase as they learn to draw more and more on the resources God offers us as moms. For it is He who gave us these children who will cause us—and them—to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.” (2 Peter 3:18)