Curriculum Overview

A Mom to Mom ministry that has a transformational effect on moms, entire families, and the greater church community must have curriculum designed with that purpose. The Mom to Mom curriculum will provide a substantive core for teaching and discussion because it is:

  • Firmly rooted in a strong biblical base while also offering practical help for struggling moms who are right “in the thick of it”

  • Broad enough in scope to give an essential overview of key parenting issues for busy moms with limited time and resources

  • Intellectually stimulating and cognizant of current trends in parenting

  • Presented from the perspective of an experienced mom who’s clearly “been there” and understands where today’s mothers are coming from

  • Designed to stimulate interaction and discussion with focused discussion questions for groups

  • Speaks to the heart of all moms, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey


The Administrative Curriculum

The administrative curriculum provides the information needed to implement and continue a quality Mom to Mom program. Once the ministry is in place, it is ongoing. Moms with needs will always be a reality.


Mom to Mom Administrative Guide

The Administrative Guide defines the purpose of the Mom to Mom ministry and walks you through the steps of starting your Mom to Mom. You might think of it as the “how-to” piece. Additional administrative helps are available on the CD-ROM located in the back of the guide. This guide is included in the Leader Kit, but it is also available as a stand-alone piece. Plan to provide one guide for each Mom to Mom Team Leader.

Mom to Mom Titus 2 Leader Guide

The Titus 2 Leader Guide gives an overview of the Mom to Mom program, defines the role of Titus 2 Leaders, provides directions for facilitating the small-group time, and gives helpful ideas on how to encourage the moms in their groups. This guide is included in the Leader Kit and is also available as a stand-alone piece. Provide one of these guides for each Titus 2 Leader in your program.


The Teaching Curriculum

Three sets of teaching curriculum materials are available to be used in the Mom to Mom program. Once you have used all three, we encourage you to repeat the cycle; even if a mom continues to attend a fourth (or fifth, or sixth!) year, since her children are older she is now at a different place in her mothering "career"—and the material will apply to her life in new and different ways.  Furthermore, repetition is (frankly) beneficial.  And the ongoing support of a Titus 2 leader and fellow moms continues to be invaluable.


Heart Talk on What Really Matters consists of 12 lessons and is designed to be the core curriculum of a first-year Mom to Mom class. The sequence is intentional. It moves from the need to nurture who we are as women and wives (with special care and sensitivity to the needs of single moms in the group) to what we do as parents to how we can grow as daughters of God, building firmer spiritual foundations for our families. It is designed to be “seeker friendly,” progressing from universally held “felt needs” of moms to gradually deepening spiritual foundations.



Growing Together: Growing a Child=Growing a Mom offers 16 lessons that are designed to go deeper into God’s Word for moms, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.  The premise is that as we “grow” our children, God is growing us.  The four units cover:

  • Personal Growth (our emotional and spiritual maturity)

  • Partnering Growth (our marriages)

  • Parenting Growth (including progress in understanding our kids better, practical perspectives on discipline, and sibling issues)

  • Parenting Power (power passages in scripture for moms).


Inside Out Parenting contains 16 lessons and focuses on our mission as moms—and what this looks like for 21st century moms. It grew out of input from moms throughout the country as to what their greatest challenges and biggest struggles are.   There are three different units, covering:

  • Becoming intentional, directional, confident moms

  • Creating contagious Christian community

  • Raising kids who look like Christ—in this culture?!


Real Mom Life contains 16 lessons that encourage mothers in their every day mom jobs. The series also provides perspective on some more specific parenting situations, such as raising strong-willed children, dealing with infertility, and addressing learning challenges. We recognize that being a mom can be exhausting and sometimes frustrating.  In these lessons, we talk about being a mom in the real world!  There are five different units:

  • Mom Life (a great choice, loving your life)

  • Family Life (ages and stages, allowing kids to fail, screen time, in-laws)

  • Married Life (the marriage “dance,” opposites attract and then repel)

  • Community Life and Unique Circumstances (educational differences, adoption, self-esteem, strong-willed child)

  • God’s Grace for All of Life’s Circumstances (roots and wings, hope for the future)