“Keeps me grounded.”

When the week is busy and I don't have time to come, I always do and am thrilled that I made the time.   — S.S.

“Excellent, uplifting, useful teaching”

Safe, loving childcare (even for small babies); fun relaxing "adult time" (a scarce commodity); helpful discussions in a safe and supportive environment; networking opportunities, making friends . . . I love Mom to Mom!   — S.W.

My friends brought me here.  And I keep telling them thank you!    — I.L.

“It has increased my faith and motivated me to share Christ more . . .”

I feel taken care of in terms of rest, relaxation, snacks, fellowship, and being spiritually fed.   — J.L.

“God has been doing a transforming work in our marriage”

It started through Mom to Mom when two years ago, a group member said how much she loved her husband and how he was a gift.  I realized that I didn't feel like that; my marriage was struggling—it motivated me to begin the work.   — C.R.


“Mom to Mom is such an incredible place of support . . .”

It's a place to grow in God, a weekly inspiration to have a daily walk with the Lord.  And my husband and I have discussed topics that wouldn't have otherwise been brought up without Mom to Mom.   — A.R.

“It's such a great program—”

Two hours of great people watching our kids, time to be a sponge and absorb the talk, eat fun foods, and share in a safe place.   — K.F.