Reunion Thanks

Have you ever had a time when all you could say is “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus”? And you just couldn’t stop saying it?

Last weekend was like that for me. We got to see Lars again! Lars’ inlaws, Kelly’s wonderful parents Connie and Rob Lawrence, graciously hosted a wonderful mini-reunion at their lovely home in Kiawah, South Carolina. Though not all family members could be there (we sure missed Erika and Richie, but were so glad Bjorn and Abby and Soren could come), we had a fabulous time together.

We walked the beach, watched Bengt do “super-Bengts” in the pool and model his goggles, had a grand time watching cousins Bengt and Soren play together, and hung out in the kitchen or on the porch in rocking chairs and talked.

It was great to see Lars looking so good and fit and well and happy. It was wonderful to see him back with his family. It was great (well, most of the time—some of the stories were a little scary, at least for a mom) to hear Lars talk more about what everyday life for him at Al Asad in Iraq was like.

But most of all, it was just so good to be able to hug him again. He always was a good hugger. And even being a Marine hasn’t changed that.

And it was good to have a time to praise God together, read some Psalms together, and thank God for Lars’ safe return. And now that so many of you have prayed with me for Lars, please join me in my “thank you thank you thank you Jesus!” And don’t forget to keep praying for all our troops, home or deployed.

Switching subjects… Wasn’t Erika’s blog great? Far more profound than she actually knows now. That control/ trust issue is a lifelong challenge for a mom, isn’t it? Thanks to those of you who wrote comments to encourage her. I still hope you’ll write some more so she’ll be spurred on to future blogs.

And now I must run and pack my bag for Madison, Mississippi. I’m so excited because I’m going to be down there at Broadmoor Baptist this weekend with a whole bunch of moms at their Mom to Mom groups. Which reminds me . . . I’d love to come speak with your group. If you’re interested in finding out more about my speaking, check out, where my publicist Candace Keck will tell you much more. She’s a really fun person and keeps the blog a fun place to visit!

Off to Mississippi—maybe I can get some pictures to share with you when I get back.

Happy weekend!