She Swallowed a What?

“Oh, Mom, did Kelly tell you about Hannah swallowing a rock?”   My son Lars is on the phone talking about his just-turned-two-year-old daughter.  “She swallowed a what?” was, of course, my question in reply.

Now, we’ve known for quite some time that, as her parents put it, “Hannah is a piece of work.”  An absolutely adorable, hilarious, full-of-fun piece of work.  Hannah loves life.  She takes it by the tail and swings it around, laughing all the way.  Fortunately, she never does that to their dog, Ruby.  Actually, Hannah is a very loving, gentle child as well.  She’s just busy.  She just doesn’t want to miss anything.

But a rock?  I know every one of you mamas reading this is either hyper-ventilating just at the thought, or nodding your head knowingly, remembering your own similar incident with your child.

Let me assure you that Hannah’s mama, Kelly, my nurse daughter-in-law—who is one wonderful mother—was right on top of this from start to finish.  You can imagine: on the phone with the pediatrician; on duty with fruit and prune juice and all manner of “helps” to get this (fortunately) fairly smooth, small stone eliminated safely; and watchful of every possible symptom of blockage.  You know the drill.  And on her knees (as I was on mine), I’m sure, all at the same time.

Then came last night’s text: “Success! It took an enema and sounded like a champagne cork, but the rock is out!” Praise God!

The things our kids put us through!  Way beyond imagination, really.

As I thought about it (after thanking God profusely that all was A-OK with Hannah), I was suddenly reminded how like Hannah each of us are in God’s sight.  I do believe He sees us as wonderful, lovable, crazy-fun creations of His.  But at the same time we certainly need watching.  And we get ourselves into some pretty scary situations.

How thankful I am that He is as watchful, patient, and loving and care-giving with us as Kelly is with Hannah.  Even more so!  In fact, He loves us enough even to give us some pretty unpleasant-tasting stuff—or to put us through some not-very-fun procedures—to clear out what needs to go from our lives and restore us to health and life In Him.

Thank you, God, for protecting Hannah.  And thank you, God, for doing what needs to be done in our lives so that we might “take hold of the life that is fully life.”  (I Timothy 6:19b)