Bubbles, Bubble Gum, and Beautiful Hands

Doesn’t everybody love bubbles? The kids—and mommies—at KidsFest in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin sure do! Last Tuesday we had a blast giving out bubbles, bubble gum (with parental permission, of course!) and Mom to Mom brochures at a big park on a beautiful day in Oconomowoc (Don’t you just love saying that name? But try typing it!). We had a fun craft for the kids: they could do a handprint in a heart for their moms. It was a big hit! And such beautiful little hands…

We also had great conversations with many mommies about a new Mom to Mom group which will be starting at the Oconomowoc YMCA in September. We are very excited about this. The YMCA seems to be excited as well. As far as we know, this will be a “first”—to have a YMCA sponsoring a Mom to Mom group. We have a wonderful group of Titus 2 Leaders who are praying and being trained this summer (some of them are pictured at our booth at KidsFest), and we can’t wait to see the moms God will bring.

Why am I sharing this with you? Two reasons. First, it was a great way to get the word out about Mom to Mom. And I am wondering if any of you out there in Mom to Mom groups around the country might find an opportunity to have a Mom to Mom booth at a local festival or community gathering. It could help us reach out to moms who may not be in our churches, which has been one of the goals of Mom to Mom all along.

Also, we are very excited about the YMCA sponsoring Mom to Mom. And we can’t help but wonder if there might be any other YMCAs that would be interested in doing so. Just a thought. You might keep your eyes open if you belong to a local YMCA.

Actually, I guess I have a third reason for telling you about this. It was just so much fun! What could be better than a beautiful summer day in a park filled with kids and mommies? And a chance to chat with one mom after another about how she might be encouraged by being in Mom to Mom.

I hope you have some bubbles, bubble gum, and beautiful hands in your life this summer. I’ll bet you do! And if any of you have some fun ideas to share about how you are getting the word out about Mom to Mom, we’d love to hear from you!