Thanksgiving Light


In the last few weeks, the world feels suddenly darker than it was even a month ago. Truth is, it’s been this dark all along.  But when jumbo jets blow up and suicide bombers shatter marketplaces and the “City of Light” erupts in the dark night of terrorism, we can’t ignore the darkness and go merrily on our way raking leaves and planning holiday menus and making Christmas lists. You have to notice the darkness.

Darkness is cold. And scary. It can bring out either the best or the worst in us. The intensity of it in our world often slams into us from behind. It surprises us.

But it doesn’t surprise God. Long before our current terror-crazed world, Jesus observed that “men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.” (John 3:19) Jesus knew all about our dark world. That is, in fact, why He entered it with His darkness-shattering Light.

Maybe all this is the reason that I’ve been thinking so much about light lately. November light. The shaft of light across the pond in back in the early morning hours. The brilliant sunshine pouring in our windows even on a cold November day. The rosy light across the pond as the day is ending, the darkening shadows punctuated with brilliant splashes of color here and there.

All reminders of what I am most thankful for as this Thanksgiving 2015 approaches. I’ve always thought of November as my remembering month, as I’ve written in previous posts. Of course, remembering leads to ever-growing “thankful lists” in my heart. This year the list seems longer than ever. But at the top—right there at the top—is Light. Jesus. The Light of the world.


Light that penetrates even the darkest darkness. Light that floods my soul with hope even as dear friends slip away from here into eternity. Light that promises His presence every step of the way on a foggy path. Light that can dispel even the fear of darkness. I need a lot of help with that, Jesus—dispelling the fear. Overcoming the fear. But you did promise . . .

So, I’m celebrating the Light especially this Thanksgiving. I’m not only thanking Him for bringing Light into our dark world, I’m also asking Him to show me—show us Christians—what it means to reflect His light in times like these. 

Lots to be thankful for! Lots of food for thought this Thanksgiving. And a great way to prepare our hearts for Advent. It’s just around the corner.