Seven Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Shared Birthday with a 5-year-old


Reason #1: You get to have a Lego Star Wars Cake with Tom Brady defeating Darth Vader on it.


Reason #2: The 5-year-old is better at blowing out candles (and besides, there aren’t so many!)


Reason #3: You can have a sleepover, with squirrely little boys playing in your bathtub in the morning.


Reason #4: You get to read really good books.


Reason #5: You can make up all kinds of games.

Reason #6: You get to go see the Paddington Bear Movie, which is great—but watch out for that mean Nicole Kidman character!


Reason #7: You can have a second (monkey bread) birthday cake for breakfast.

I’m lucky to have an almost-shared birthday with my grandson Nils.  If you don’t have a shared birthday like that, I recommend borrowing a 5-year-old from one of your friends or extended family.  They really make birthdays fun!