A Look at Life from a 19-month-old’s Perspective

For the past month, Woody and I have had the great joy of having a house full of family.  Since our kids and grandkids all live far from us, this is a gift beyond words.  It’s also been a great refresher course on life with kids—and life through the eyes of a toddler. For a few brief days—wonderful, joyfully chaotic days—we had all five grandkids here, ages four months to four-and-a half years.  But for a whole month (yay!) we’ve had Gabriella (aka Gigi) and her mom, our daughter Erika, with us from Dublin, Ireland, with Richie (Erika’s husband and Gigi’s dad) here for two weeks.

Erika and I would like to share a few “hot tips” I’ve picked up along the way from life with Gigi.  We moms can learn a lot from a 19-month-old!

Gigi eating cheerios in her high chair

Gig pushing a child-size shopping cart.

Gigi standing in the washing machine!

Gigi driving a toddler car.

Gigi at the piano.

Gigi in her ballet outfit.

Gigi watches her grandfather ("Farfar") vacuum the house.

Gigi waters a planter in front of the house.

Gigi, Erika, and Linda fill the kiddie pool.

Gigi grins as she sits on a poolside chair.

Gigi wearing her mom's sunglasses.

Richie showing Gigi various outfits for her to choose from.

Richie lifting Gigi high up in the air at the playground.

Linda and grandkids eating lunch together poolside.

Gigi on a jet ski nestled in her dad's lap.

Gigi at the petting zoo.

Erika and Gigi sitting on the dock.

Linda and Woody and kids and grandkids posing in the park.

Gigi sitting with her cousin Bengt.

Gigi with her cousin Hannah.

Gigi and her parents in front of house, flying an American flag.

Gigi with Linda and Woody.