Real Mom Life Audion Sessions 9–16

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RML Audio Covers 9-16.jpg

Real Mom Life Audion Sessions 9–16


You will receive a zip file containing the audio recordings of the last eight sessions of the Real Mom Life curriculum:

Married Life

9. Magnetic Marriages: Opposites Attract—and Then Repel?

Community Life and Unique Circumstances

10. A Mom’s Guide to Navigating Educational Differences

11. Hidden Losses of Mom Life: Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption

12. Teens, Tweens, and Self-Esteem

13. Hope and a Future for the Strong-Willed Child

God’s Grace for All of Life’s Circumstances

14. When You Feel like a Failure

15. Giving Your Kids Roots and Wings

16. I’m Glad . . . I Wish . . . I Pray

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