Growing Together Audio Sessions 9-16

GT Audio Covers 9-16.jpg
GT Audio Covers 9-16.jpg

Growing Together Audio Sessions 9-16


You will receive a zip file containing the audio recordings of the last eight sessions of the Growing Together curriculum:

Parenting Growth: As We Grow Them, He Grows Us

9. Who’s the Parent Here?

10. But How Does This Work for You? (Practical Perspectives on Discipline)

11. Sibling Sanity: Oxymoron or Opportunity?

Parenting Power: Keep Connected to the Source

12. Who’s the Builder? (Biblical Blueprints for Family Life)

13. Problems, Problems: A Look at Abigail

14. Everyday Crossroads: Choices and Consequences for Parents and Children

15. The Crucial Connection: Parents’ Ultimate Power Source

16. What’s Constant in This Changing World

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