Growing Together Audio Sessions 1-8

GT Audio Covers 1-8.jpg
GT Audio Covers 1-8.jpg

Growing Together Audio Sessions 1-8


You will receive a zip file containing the audio recordings of the first eight sessions of the Growing Together curriculum:

Personal Growth: Parents Are People, Too!

1. The Parent Trap

2. Surviving—and Thriving—in the Barnacle Stage and Beyond

3. When You’re Running on Empty

4. Three Gifts I’d Like to Give Every Mom

Partnering Growth: Marriage Is the Heartbeat of the Home—Keep It Pumping!

5. Taming the Top 10 Marriage Monsters

6. Building a Best-Friend Marriage—for Life

Parenting Growth: As We Grow Them, He Grows Us

7. Our Father’s Eyes: Seeing Our Children as He Sees Us

8. The Peter Potential: Kids—and Parents—in Process

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