Linda Schultz Anderson

Linda Schultz Anderson

Meet the Founder and Author

Linda Anderson relates intuitively to the needs of today's women.  A strong Biblical and literary background, energetic teaching style, and personal warmth and humor permeate her speaking and infuse her listeners with encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

Linda is a teacher and reading specialist by profession (B.A. in Literature, Wheaton College; M.A. in Education, University of Texas at San Antonio). She has taught in public and Christian schools, been a short-term missionary in East Africa, and written out of her own experience on both the pain of childlessness and the challenges of parenting. She has also taught singles' Sunday School classes, seminars, and other mixed groups. 

Linda founded Mom to Mom Ministries and served for twelve years as the teaching leader of Grace Chapel's Mom to Mom program in Lexington, MA — an innovative parenting outreach program that has been featured in the Focus section of The Boston Globe (May 24, 1992) as well as in local newspapers and on cable television.

As the loving wife of a retired oncologist, grateful mother of three young adults, and enthusiastic "Nana" to a growing number of grandchildren, Linda has a special interest in topics related to marriage and family. As the daughter of Old Testament scholar Samuel J. Schultz, she has been a life-long student and teacher of the Bible, and her love of scripture tends to be contagious. As a popular retreat and seminar speaker, past teacher of singles, and current teacher of many moms, she has a heart-sensitivity to women and men at all ages and stages of life.

It all started when...

Early in 1991, three young mothers recognized in themselves and in their friends a great need: "We want to shape healthy Christian homes based on Biblical foundations, but where do we go for instruction that will filter the overwhelming overload of parenting advice through the strong sieve of Biblical truth? We long for experienced mothers as Godly role models, but our own families are far away and we have little contact with older moms. We often feel lonely and isolated in our 'mom-jobs' and yearn for interaction with other mothers struggling with the same issues."

Out of their need, these three dared to dream a big dream: "Couldn't we start a ministry for moms that would be Biblically based, educationally stimulating, and emotionally supportive? We'd like it to be a source of equipping, encouragement, and energizing for Christian mothers as well as an outreach to communities around us." These three women took their dream to the pastor of Grace Chapel and then to the Director of Women's Ministries, who contacted Linda Anderson. Linda had been teaching various parenting classes for years, and was well-equipped to formulate and direct such a program.

Thus Mom to Mom was born. As one might guess, it didn't just "happen." Countless hours of committee meetings, seemingly endless searches for "Titus 2 leaders," Childcare Coordinators and other workers, and most important of all, months of prayer ensued. We often found ourselves reminded of the familiar saying that we needed to "work as if everything depended on us and pray as if everything depended on God." And how faithful He has been, supplying far above all we could ask or think!