The Heart Talk curriculum begins with the need to nurture who we are as women and wives (with special care and sensitivity to the needs of single moms in the group) then moves to what we do as parents to how we can grow as daughters of God, building firmer spiritual foundations for our families. It is designed to be "seeker friendly," progressing from universally held "felt needs" of moms to gradually deepening spiritual foundations.


Curriculum Resources Available

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Heart Talk DVD Series
Three DVDs that offer an introduction to Mom to Mom, 12 sessions of Linda Anderson teaching the curriculum series Heart Talk on What Really Matters, and a song by Daniel Kirkley ("A Mother's Song").


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Heart Talk Member Book
Provides listening outlines for each of the 12 sessions, discussion questions for small-group interaction, and weekly Reflections pages that contain key points and memorable quotes to post as a daily reminder of the week's lesson. The Reflections pages also offer an optional reading assignment from Scripture and a practical assignment for each week. Also included is an enhanced CD with devotionals that reinforce the content of each session.


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Heart Talk Leader Pack
Includes the Heart Talk DVD Series, one Heart Talk Member Book, one Mom to Mom Administrative Guide, and one Mom to Mom Titus 2 Leader Guide.


Heart Talk Audio Recordings
The recordings contain the audio portion of Linda Anderson's teaching. These are useful for catch-up sessions, visually impaired participants, or for the personal review of leaders or participants in Mom to Mom.


From the author:


The lessons in Heart Talk On What Really Matters are my way of extending a hand to you, sharing "heart talk" from one mom to another about what really matters.

Above all, my prayer is that the material in this book will provide for you what it has already given many other moms:

  • help in our parenting skills

  • hope in the powerful God who gave us these children and is our ultimate Power Source

  • heart-to-heart encouragement from one mom to another

Regardless of our other roles in life, being a mom is our one indispensable role: no one else can mother your children like you do! May God make us each a "joyful mother of children" (Psalm 113:9, KJV).