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Three Keys To Effective Parenting

Three Keys to Effective Parenting is available as a book and a video series. Whether you use one or both, the Memberís Notebook is meant as a companion piece for each member mom.

Each of the three products for the Three Keys curriculum is described below. Please click on one of the links below each description to see either a table of contents for the curriculum or a preview of the materials, or take a look at some of the other curriculums.

The Book

The text of the sixteen Core Curriculum lectures including a study guide, this book could serve as the basis for a Teaching Leader to shape her own weekly teaching or could be used by both leaders and members as the basis for discussion or as a supplement to the video series (see below). Foreword by Virginia Friesen.

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Three Keys Book
Three Keys Video

The Video Series

Dynamic teaching by Linda Anderson on the sixteen Core Curriculum lessons. The center of the Three Keys curriculum, these videos can be used in a variety of flexible ways: presented as sixteen consecutive sessions, subdivided and used over a longer period, or supplemented by teaching from your local group. Each lesson runs for about 45 minutes.

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The Members Notebook

A spiral-bound notebook for each attending mom that includes lesson outlines, discussion questions, and the "Reflections" cards with the best nuggets from each lesson: main points and memorable quotes, plus a "Read and Grow" assignment from scripture and a practical assignment for each week.

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Three Keys Notebook
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