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Devotional Reading: A Summer Sampler

Jun. 9, 2012

Recently when I was speaking to a group of moms, they asked a great question: "How do you keep connected with God even in the midst of a busy mom-life? Do you have any suggestions for personal devotions?"

The question is a great one, and I'd love to hear answers from lots of moms—and Mom to Mom leaders—as to what works for them. But here are a few things that have worked for me in different combinations over the years:

Daily Light:  A compilation of Scriptures related to a topic for morning and evening of each day. Occasionally they feel uncomfortably out of context (a single verse can look different when not in its Biblical context). But I especially like the fact that the references given at the end often send me back to favorite scripture passages I haven't visited in a while.

My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers): A lifelong favorite. I read it in its original form, in the dog-eared copy that was my mother's and, I think, my grandmother's before that. But it is also available in a more modernized (and not quite so British) version. Some years I think "I won't read this again this year." But I always sneak back into it. Definitely one of my couch-companions.

Streams in the Desert (L.B. Cowan): Mrs. Cowan, a missionary, compiled readings from many of her favorite Christian writers along with favorite scriptures and songs. Obviously written out of desert experiences, it can get a bit heavy or sentimental at times. But there are wonderful truths here—and great signposts into scripture passages you'll want to know.

Jesus Calling  (Sarah Young): My current personal favorite—as many of you know, I love this book! Not only does Sarah Young seem to know me inside and out; but I especially love that she gives references at the end of each day's reading that take me back to wonderful scriptures I need to re-visit.

Those are just a few suggestions, and none of them new. But all of them good. One caveat: No devotional should ever take the place of God's Word itself. There is no substitute for reading the Bible, whether it's in big chunks (like a read-the-Bible-through-in-a-year plan) or in smaller pieces (a Psalm or a chapter of Proverbs or one of the shorter New Testament letters). Often meditating on just one verse is best of all. Post it over your kitchen sink or on your bathroom mirror or on your dashboard—or on your smartphone. Or load up your playlist with scripture-saturated music. And let God's Word seep into your soul.

Whatever you do, do something. Summer is a lot more refreshing in His Presence!
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