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Words of Our Father - for all seasons

Jul. 22, 2011


I just received word that a favorite aunt of mine died early this morning. Now she is where she wanted to be - with Jesus. But the news made me very reflective.

Aunt Sue, 99 years old on this earth, was an amazing woman. Always learning, always growing, always interested in new things. A lifelong seminary librarian, she married - for the first time - at age 75. She and her husband, a seminary professor, traveled the world visiting mission fields where he preached and she set up school libraries. Whenever I visited them in their later years, they were eager to hear about Mom to Mom. Were moms growing in and toward Jesus through it?

It's my prayer for Mom to Mom that we all keep growing in Him - young moms, older moms, member moms and mentor moms - no matter what season of our mom-lives. In God's garden, I've discovered, every season is a growing season.

That's why I was so glad to hear what a couple of moms shared with me recently on a speaking trip to Texas. The theme was a familiar one: They spoke of how much they have been learning since they began Mom to Mom. But here was the surprise: These two were not young member moms, but rather mentor-moms (Titus 2 leaders).

One spoke up during a Q&A session: "I just wanted to thank you," she said, "for starting Mom to Mom. I have 12 children, 4 grandchildren, and have been married 38 years. But every week at Mom to Mom I learn something that makes a difference in how I relate to my family."

The other came up to me individually at the end of the morning. "I'm 68-years-old and my husband and I have been married nearly 50 years, and I want you to know how much my husband appreciates Mom to Mom," she began. She shared a recent incident in which she realized she needed to apologize to her husband. "This morning at Mom to Mom we talked about responding in love to our husbands," she told him. "And just now when I snapped at you that was not responding in love. I'm sorry." She went on to relate how her husband will ask her now and then "Isn't it time for Mom to Mom again?"

Don't you love it? We all learn and change and grow through Mom to Mom. Let me re-state that: We all learn and change and grow when we open up our mom-hearts to one another, to God, and to the power of His Word.

I'm reminded of a note one young mom wrote me a few years ago: "When I first heard your voice it felt like a mother's. Now that I'm listening I know it's the words of our Father." Oh yes, thank you Jesus!

The words of our Father. Isn't that what we are sharing through Mom to Mom? And what is it God says about His Word? It will not "return to Him void." Or in the NIV: ". . . so is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11)

Isn't this just like God? When He instructed, in Titus 2, that the older women should teach and encourage the younger women, His plan was to grow all of us, in all seasons of our lives. I hope this is a growing season for you!
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