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What is Mom to Mom?

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Mom to Mom is a Biblically based, seeker-friendly parenting program designed to offer a potential bridge into the church. It is organized around the "Titus 2" concept of older women teaching and encouraging younger women in their relationships with their husbands and children. The three-year curriculum was written by Linda Anderson, an engaging speaker and teacher who connects with moms at all ages and stages of their parenting.

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How does Mom to Mom minister to moms?

  • Mom to Mom offers a three-year core curriculum that is biblically-based and seeker-friendly. It is supplemented occasionally by local guest speakers.
  • Mom to Mom is for all moms regardless of their children’s ages.
  • Mom to Mom small groups are led by Titus 2 women who both facilitate the discussion and shepherd the young moms.
  • Mom to Mom recommends a weekly meeting. The frequency of meetings contributes to the effectiveness and depth of relationship-building and bonding in groups.
  • There is no charter/annual fee paid to Mom to Mom Ministries, Inc.

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Will Mom to Mom be effective in my church?

Mom to Mom is effective in churches of all sizes and denominations. It is based on the biblical mandate of older women teaching younger women. (Titus 2:3-5) Our materials are written from a strong Biblical basis, accepting the Bible as God's Word to us; they do not assume Biblical knowledge on the part of the learner but rather use Biblical truth as a foundation for very practical teaching on parenting.

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What are the curriculum materials?

There are five components to the Mom to Mom curriculums:
  1. Leader Pack – Each group needs one to begin the ministry. It includes DVD series of lessons by Linda Anderson, a mom’s member book, an Administrative Guide and a Titus 2 Leader’s Guide.
  2. Member books are required for each mom. It contains the listening outlines, discussion questions, reflection pages and an enhanced devotional CD.
  3. Administrative Guide walks you through the steps of starting your program. Plus, it includes a CD full of administrative helps.
  4. Titus 2 Leader Guide presents practical suggestions for facilitating small groups.
  5. Audio CD’s contain the audio portion of each teaching lesson.

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What does a Mom to Mom meeting look like?

We usually work within a two-hour time frame. We all gather for welcome and announcements, then settle in to watch the DVD lesson for the morning (about 30-35 minutes in length). We have a brief coffee and snack time of 15 minutes. Everyone spends the remaining hour in their small groups discussing the topic of the lecture. The Titus 2 leaders (who lead these small groups) meet for a time of prayer before the moms arrive and then meet again after the moms leave for a short "debriefing" time.

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How are connections developed among the moms?

Each mom is assigned to a small discussion group for the year. A Titus 2 leader facilitates each group, which we try to keep to a maximum number of 11 moms. It is in the ongoing participation in these small groups where we see the strong bonds of friendships and support relationships forged among the moms. The Titus 2 leaders commit to being in touch with their women between Mom to Mom meetings, which helps to develop the strong sense of community within each small group as well as among the groups at large.

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What is a Titus 2 leader?

A Titus 2 leader mentors our moms, not because of her “picture-perfect” life and family, but because of her continual, daily dependence on God.

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What are the expenses for Mom to Mom?

The curriculum may be purchased through our website. Most Mom to Mom programs charge a program fee to defray costs.

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How do I set up childcare for Mom to Mom?

Look for workers everywhere: senior citizens in your congregation, nannies, college students who don’t have morning classes the day of Mom to Mom, former Mom to Mom members, grandparents, retired educators, school bus drivers, etc. Think outside the box and look everywhere.

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How do you pay for the childcare workers?

Childcare resources may come from various sources: the moms, the church, charitable contributions, and gifts.

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What kind of feedback have you gotten from your moms?

We have recieved wonderful feedback over the years. The two comments about Mom to Mom we hear over and over from our moms are "It has strengthened my walk with the Lord," and "It provides a wonderful opportunity for me to bring my non-churched friends to church." If you would like to read some of the other comments we have gotten, or give some of your own, please stop by our guestbook. And may God bless you as you work for His kingdom!

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Greater detail and more answers can be found in our Administrative Guide.

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