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Curriculum Overview

These materials are rooted in foundational Biblical principles. Author Linda Anderson drew from her academic and professional experience as an educator, from countless books, articles, and interviews on parenting, and from "mom" experience her own and the stories of hundreds of moms she knows and interacts with on a regular basis. The curriculums have been "market-tested" by hundreds of mothers during the past nine years.

There are currently three different sets of curriculum materials available, as well as additional materials that are offered to help get a group running and keep it running smoothly.

Additional Information
If you would like more information about Mom to Mom or about the materials, please contact us or read our FAQ. To place an order, please refer to the ordering page.

Heart Talk Growing Together Inside Out Parenting
Leader Guides

What makes the Mom to Mom curriculum materials unique?

  • Strongly Biblically-based curriculums written from a Christian perspective
  • Seeker-friendly materials, integrating scripture with sound psychological principles and
    practical parenting strategies
  • Providing an overview of what matters most in the lives of busy moms
  • Written from the heart as well as the head, by a mother who has "been there"
  • Designed to stimulate interaction and discussion, with focused questions for groups

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